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Maintenance engineer

Knowledge about maintenance of CNC, VMC, HMC M/cs.The maintenance engineers have to maintain all the equipment and machinery that is in the manufacturing unit of the company They have to make regular checks for the maintenance of the machines and repair the part that need to be replaced They have to quickly attend calls for repair work as delay in work results in revenue loss for the company They have to keep maintenance reports and also make records for all the repair works thy conduct on the machinery They have to be present in the factory and perform all the repair work on site They can also develop the existing machinery to work efficiently The engineers have to order all the latest tools that will help them carry out repair work They have to carefully maintain inventory for the tools and place orders for new ones when they are required They have to inform the management of the new machinery that might be required for the factory

Job Code: 2821
Expreience: 10 year
Salary: 30000
Location: Sec. 25 Faridabad
Functional Area: Engineer
Job Status: Active