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JOB DESCRIPTION - PHARMACIST ( D-PHARMA) Experience - 2-3 years 1. Compounding & dispensing for indoor & outdoor patient department. 2. Manufacture of pharmaceutical. Ex:- Tablet, Capsule, Ointment etc. 3. Preparation & sterilization of inject able medicine. 4. Filling & labeling of medical containers. 5. Proper dispensing of narcotic medicine. 6. Proper maintenance of records of narcotic medicine. 7. Maintains of sufficient stock of antidote for poisoning & emergency medicine. 8. Checking of the quality of the sources of purchase of all medicine, chemicals antibiotics, biological products & other pharmaceutical preparation. 9. Detailing about medicine to physicians, internees & nurses etc. 10. Maintainers of proper system of all records. 11. Keeping controls over requisition & dispensing of all medicine. 12. Planning & executing the pharmacy & therapeutic committee. 13. Cooperating in the teaching program. 14. Implementation of decision of pharmacy & therapeutic committee. 15. Preparation of periodic report, annual report & budget etc. 16. Purchase, management of budgetary matters as inventory & control f receipt supply & store. Salary 20-30000K

Job Code: 2435
Expreience: 2 year
Salary: 30000
Location: NIT-5, Faridabad
Functional Area: PHARMACIST
Job Status: Closed