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To develop, implement & comply safety laws, norms and standards on the workplace in the Organization.

Inspect to locate unsafe acts & unsafe conditions through safety inspections on the regular basis and try to fix them in the meantime and to take corrective action as required for it.

Control, minimize and eliminate the hazards from the work place through on job safety induction and Job Safety Analysis.

Organize the Safety training classes for the new employees, refreshers training for the old employees by launching safety campaign in the form of observing safety weeks and through other audio-visual aids including arranging contents, talk and seminars on safety.

To attend the Safety meetings, toolbox meeting, Pre commissioning and commissioning activities with the safety personnel’s on the weekly/ monthly basis and to advise and suggest safe working system in designated fields.

To ensure the personal protective equipments (PPE) are in working condition and being used by workers as per the job requirement & to report regularly performance as well as accidents trends.

To Maintain & update the Safety documents records like safety inspection, accidents reports as  well as other records in the computer system in a systematic way

Confined space-Check entry permit, gas testing, and adequate light & ventilation arrangements before one enters into confined space.

Working at Height-Check whether workers are using safety harness, if they are working at above 1.8 meters. Height, Inertial reelsfall arrester used while moving at height. 

Welding- Inspection for tools and equipment as well as necessary PPE used in welding process. Also check for adequate ventilation or exhaust fans for extraction of fumes and proper barricading on the working area.

 Housekeeping- Maintain 5’s system to keep the wastage materials and obstructions free environments for its surroundings.

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Job Code: 4056
Expreience: 2-5 year
Salary: 25
Location: Prithla ( Palwal )
Functional Area: Fire & Safety
Job Status: Active