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Reporting on app and off line as guided

Distributor Appointment & Handling

Primary of distributor as per target

Secondory of Distributor as per target

Order Booking from Retailer & Product placement

POB execution , checking billing and delivery time to time

Effective communication of company schemes time to time to retailer and distributor

Effective booking of company schemes time to time as per target given

Completion of target given by company on PC , TC

Ensuring availability of products as per demand & maintain sales

Merchandising and visibility creation by POP from company

Channel between Company, DB & retailer

Launching new product time to time by following company norms and tools

Sticking to Tour plan given by seniors

Execute joint working planned by seniors time to time

To gather competetor data and provide it in weekly meeting

Attending training and meetings scheduled by company

Hygene of the area assigned viz. availability , order execution and payments of

Keeping company image high with DB & retailers by performing allocated duties

Job Code: 2023
Gender: Male
Experience: 1+
Education: mba
Salary: 25000
Contact Person Name: SHYAM SINGH
Contact Person Mobile: 9718009162
Contact Person Email: