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1.Thorough knowledge of Mechanical Engineering,

2.Good knowledge of Welding,

3.Good knowledge of Mechanical Equipment like Flanges, fittings, pipes, valves, heat exchangers etc.

4.Good Understanding of hydraulics,

5.Knowledge of ASME Section IX,

6.Knowledge of ASME Section V,

7.Understanding of various material codes,

8.Ability to understand various ASME, ANSI, ASTM, API specifications,

9.Ability to understand customer purchase specifications,

10.Ability to prepare Quality Dossier as per the customer requirements,

11.Understanding of customer ITPs,

12.Preparation of vendor ITPs,

13.Good written and verbal communication skills,

14.Good MS Word, Excel, and Outlook knowledge.

Job Code: 3729
Gender: Male
Experience: 10
Education: (Mech)
Salary: 45000
Contact Person Name: FIRDOSH ALAM
Contact Person Mobile: 9891624425
Contact Person Email: