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We are looking for operation manager 

Overall management of the factory and the manufacturing line.

Good technical knowledge of the machinery involved in order to intervene if required.

Commissioning of equipment either by themselves or via international partners through their reference.

Planning and scheduling of production activities to ensure that production targets are met.

Overall supervision of all activities within the factory.

Training peers and subordinates and ensuring that their tasks are completed as required.

Long-term production scheduling.

Supervising the production line to ensure that the product meets the quality standards.

Implementation of corrective actions in procurement, commissioning, manufacturing, any other aspect that may be deemed necessary.

Planning for procurement activities. Creating a rapport with the international, regional and local suppliers.

Planning production activities in the most cost optimised manner.

Accepting responsibility for safety, health and environmental matters with regards to the factory and production.

Ensuring that all the procurement is conducted in a timely manner to ensure zero idle time.

Meet customers, market the product, conduct sales and after-sales evaluation.

Management of the records.

Management of the overall operations of the factory and production.

Development and maintenance of an organisational structure for the factory which ensures that work is grouped logically.

Establishing and maintaining a culture of ownership in respect of expenditure and costs.

Job Code: 4376
Gender: Male
Experience: 15
Education: (mech)
Salary: 100000
Contact Person Name: FIRDOSH ALAM
Contact Person Mobile: 9891624425
Contact Person Email: