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Hi , we are currently seeking candidates for position in Sales Engineer/Sales Executives.

Therefore, we kindly request you to please suggest a candidate who meets the following criteria:
Educational Qualifications:
M.Sc. in Chemistry/ Physics / Botany /Zoology /Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Environmental Science or
B.Sc.  with Chemistry-Physics / Chemistry-Biology or Bio-technology or similar combinations.or B. Tech in Biotechnology or Electronics or Chemical Engineering  etc.
The major prerequisite besides educational qualification for above position is the willingness of the candidates to make carrier in Marketing , Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team environment.
Most essential element required for this jobs is passion to meet the highly qualified, technical & Senior Persons, Scientist, Technocrats. Enthusiasm for travel, motivation, and desire to update with the latest technologies in the area of Science etc.
We will prefer to consider and appoint the 2022, 2023 passed out candidates

Job Responsibilities:
The job responsibilities will be the Promotion of Hi-tech analytical & Sophisticated Instruments to various Research institutions, Universities, Research & Development organizations and their laboratories or Quality Control laboratories etc., includes pre sales visits, meetings, presentations, demonstrations, technical discussions, technical support & application support etc.

Job Code: 6599
Gender: Male
Experience: 2
Education: (Biotechnology, Electronics, Chemical)
Salary: 25000
Contact Person Name: FIRDOSH ALAM
Contact Person Mobile: 9891624425
Contact Person Email: